Festival of Life by Frankie Concha

Who Is a Survivor?

The American Cancer Society and The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation define a survivor as anyone living with a history of cancer from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.

Today was our second visit to the Festival of Life held by USC Norris Cancer Hospital it's an event held once a year in early Jun to honor cancer survivors. Mirai: Hey thats us!


They offer booths filled with information on current technologies, studies, therapies, volunteer groups and services for patients. You can even have your blood pressure checked and get some fitness therapy.


One of Keck's slogans.


People always come up to me curious as to why I have a doll, they also ask me if I made her lol I always choke but I get a bit better every time I'm asked about Mirai. One volunteer remembered me and Mirai, welcoming us to the event and happy we came back. I was told to bring Mr. Danny Choo to the festival, it feels nice to hear that but hopefully one day I can have him join me. ^^


Seating has been set up for the main part of the event featuring guest speakers, testimonials, and music. 

Any of you know Dr. Drew Pinsky? He was one of our guest this year and a USC graduate.

Ghecemy Lopez another guest, cancer survivor, and helper in the community. She's a two time cancer survivor and runs her own organization helping patients get to their chemo days. As people that have gone through cancer we can relate a lot with each other. Listening to what she went through was reminding me of what I went through. Cancer caused a lot of hard ship not just for me but my hole family. You can't help it but get a little emotional.

Dr. Ann Mohrbacher, Im happy to say she is my Oncologist she has such a passion for her work and has worked hard at creating cleaner ways for treatment. She has been hard at work with immunotherapy a form of treatment that boost our bodies natural defenses to fight cancer. Further studying has lead to antibodies that specifically attack cancer cells, Brentuximab being created because of immunotherapy, was the last drug I was given when all others have failed and I was responding well to it. A great thing about this treatment is there is far less side affects and no hair loss! Hopefully with more studies and improvements there will not be any side affects at all. 


Every year the ceremony ends with music and the release of white doves. Im happy I ended up at USC it has been filled with nothing but hope. I love my Oncologist she cares about her patients and wants to know how we are doing even long after we have finished our treatments. She has been currently helping me get back on my feet, its always nice when you can get any form of guidance. Heres to recovery and more happy days with Mirai enjoying life! Thank you USC for supporting this event, see you next year!