Feel It On The First by Frankie Concha

I decided to make a post about Feel It On The First for this month, every first of the month is a reminder to take a moment to check your self for any lumps, bumps, or anything strange. #feelitonthefirst is something that has been going on for a while for breast cancer awareness, inspired by Nalie. Im just trying to spread more awareness so why not check other parts of your body and maybe even just your over all health both physically and mentally. I originally just started doing this for me as a reminded to readjust my self for a new month and to remind my self im ok and its ok to feel how I feel. Im not the most confident and positive person, I have my downs too often and my mental health isn’t amazing but I am working on it, life isn’t easy for me so I need to enjoy it my way and just know you are not alone out there. Originally, feel it on the first was about taking a selfie of you feeling you chest and posting it on social media and tagging 3 other people to do the same. So I decided to make it as different as possible so Mirai decided to be the one taking the selfie but we decided to make it something more and yes cancer awareness/early detection is important to me but I wanted to also ask people to take a moment to check them selves mentally and keep hitting those goals, big or small. I have been doing a lot of fixing in my life and honestly it feels like I haven’t accomplished anything but its all small steps and in the end I need to remind my self it IS actually doing something. July is my birthday month I have 2 one being because of my stem-cell transplant, and this year marks 5 years being cancer free, now thats a huge accomplishment but in the end Im not sure how I feel about that, I am happy but there is always that thought in the back of my mind asking, “will it come back?” its normal survivors will always have that and survivors guilt I have been there. So I still feel like its weird that I do Feel It On The First with Mirai as I fear what other people will say about Smart Doll but Ill keep going because I have been told its a nice thing I do. So take a moment today for some self love, if you have that special someone make sure they get involved as well, make it fun help each other. There is nothing better than having a partner by your side to conquer and enjoy the gift of life. Have a lovely evening or whatever time it is in your part of the world.