I Love Printing by Frankie Concha

I haven’t felt this good about my photography in a while, Im very happy with what I accomplished. I love printing my art and making it a physical thing you can hold in your hands and keep forever. Living in a digital world people forget what its like to actually hold real art. Connection is important so I decided to make these available for people to purchase and have in their home or creative space. I really want people to own a copy of my work, its better than just saving digital files in a folder you will hardly ever go through getting lost with all your other files, there is a personal connection when going through your own or someone else’s art rather than through a screen. Growing as an artist I was scared showing my different styles of art in one place, I feel there are rules that says I can’t show my doll, street, and automotive photography in one place but now Im starting to not care and share everything together. I really do have a divers range of photography and I think that is amazing because there aren’t many artist that do more than one style. Im not the most confident person but deep down I think I am unique.

I also started this blog to help me write, Im sure its messy and lots of mistakes but at least Im trying. I never liked writing at all Im just not good with words let alone talking to people but now Im combining images with words and staring we will see where this go’s! ^^

Since the launch of my Smart Doll photography book there have been four orders!! It makes me happy that my art will be in peoples homes soon. Thank you so much whoever you are for your orders and supporting my art, you really brightened up my day. If it is ok I would like to know who purchased a copy? I do have one international buyer too! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy going through the photos, thank you!

If you are interested in owning a copy of my Rising Sun or Smart Doll Photography Books please click here to pick and place your order!