Rising Sun Photo Book by Frankie Concha

Hello everyone how are we doing? I hope you are all well, Yukari-chan is our guest today and she will be showing you one of our projects we have been working on for a couple years now. It is finally completed and available for purchase but first lets take a quick view as I want to give a bit of information about the my photo book.


This is the Rising Sun photo book I made from my first visit to Japan I was not ready for what I was going to see it was really my first time taking photos of nature and street photography so I was unsure how to capture and compose my frame but I tried and Im happy with how my shots came out. This trip has led me through a journey of self discovery and just being able to create for me, photography is my art and it feels so good that I can say I MADE THIS. From photo prints, posters, and photo books I love bringing my art to the physical world and now Im taking the risk to offer it to you. Some of you may have seen my special edition version of the book recently, its a high quality book but really expensive, I have been lucky enough to sell this version locally. So I also made this more affordable version pictured above printed on magazine paper with a custom cover I made and I am extremely happy with how this version of my book came out!


With a custom cover I was able to play around with how to design it, my rules for everything I create is simplicity and cleanliness. I do hope this is what you feel when going through my book. The spine came out great, it feels good looking at it and it makes it feel like a full production book. lol It has the book title, vol # (… more to come? ^^ ), and my initials/name. Can you guess what the J means? haha

Here are a couple comparisons in thicknesses, the magazine book has a couple pages more than the special edition they both have the same images but due to the gutter the zine has I wanted to fit some horizontal images on one page rather than on a spread so thats why it has more pages, not all horizontal images were set like this though. Shipping will be much cheaper and can be shipped almost everywhere, unlike the special edition.


Well get your self some lovely coffee, or whatever delicious liquid you love to consume and lets take a quick look at what you are getting. You can view the hole book in digital before purchasing do not the book may vary in color due to monitor settings but I have printed multiple samples to get it to where It pass my inspection. All these images are unedited besides exposure adjustments. Todays coffee is by the amazing Greyscale Coffee Rosters they are currently my favorite, do check them out if you are a coffee lover and love supporting small businesses/creators like I do. ;)

Please click on the arrows above for comparison photos between the standard edition and special edition.


Thank you for taking the time to hang out with Yukari and I today. If you do pick up a copy of my book please do share some photos and thank you so much for supporting my project. Would some of you be interested in prints maybe? This would be a challenge for I would prefer to send them flat. Thank you Yukari for being the hand model, luckily she was heavy enough to hold the book down… uhhh please don’t tell her I said that ^^” And with that Rising Sun is now live!