Quick Update on my SD Photo Book / by Frankie Concha

Up above is a preview of my photo book on Smart Doll, and its taking time getting things prepared for me to sell it. Im thinking of making a limited reales of 4 books for people to purchase and I MIGHT add a bonus item with your purchase, I am still looking into this. I do want to give one book away but its hard for me to fund this right now, I just need time before I can give one away. I also need to figure out how to organize it and a hashtag to use to keep track of entries, also how to ship it, can you believe I never shipped/mailed anything before? ^^” Im trying to learn and its a little overwhelming. Now for people that would purchase this… where do I sell it? Im thinking Etsy, maybe, or just through PayPal? I eventually want to sell through my website but it cost me more money to have that feature, Im not sure how to track all this so maybe it will be one book at a time first come first serve. So I appreciate those of you that contacted me asking about purchasing a copy of my book and Im so sorry its taking me forever, being sick for years really just left me behind on the normal things in life and ill be honest I am strugling to catch up.


I made 25 4x6 post cards and they came out great, all are different images featured in the book. I can maybe add one random card with each book purchase. I think the next time I order more I will try to make it another 25 different images but there will still be repeats.


After giving it some thought I think once I have a copy to sell I will make a post about it and it will be first come first serve. I think payment will be made through PayPal. Do note it may take 2 weeks to ship and I will do this one book at a time to pace my self. I worked really hard on this and I am so happy with how this book turned out, I really want to make more but I need to take some time off from it for a while or at least just take it slow. If you want a copy please do let me know! The first person would end up being my test subject to see how things roll honestly. ^^’ Also let me know your thoughts down below please, would like to know what you think about this stuff Im printing.