My Thoughts on Mirai Carry / by Frankie Concha

Mirai Carry is finally unleashed upon the world, demand is high so its difficult to get one and its limited to those that already own a Smart Doll for the time being. Is Mirai Carry for everyone though? This is something only you can decide. So let me give you my thoughts on Mirai Carry and maybe I can help you decide if its for you or not.


Lets take a look at details because this is really one well built/durable bag.

The zipper system is solid, its tough, smooth and it seals properly as you can see in the image above. I did notice the side where Smart Doll go’s is much easier to unzip with one hand than the side where my gear goes. This dose not bother me as I usually have my camera out and ready.

The bag is light and it definitely feels comfortable but then again I do travel light and I only carry the essential things I need for when I am out shooting. When Im packing for a trip I usually have a proper camera bag used to transport all my gear like a roller bag and a shoulder bag or a back pack (Mirai Carry) if Im taking Mirai with me. If you do other forms of photography besides doll photography you normally need to take a few extra things with you. So for me a roller bag/back pack to transport my gear and when I arrive I set up my work station where I will be staying and I switch to a backpack or shoulder bag when I head out to explore and shoot. I have no need to take much with me when Im out photographing I leave most of the bulky things in my hotel room like my laptop it just helps me focus more on my photography.

Some more solid builds.

Just a little bit of Mirai.


The inside of Mirai Carry is so clean and simple and it just a safe place to transport your Smart Doll, the padding is safe and should not stain your girls/boys. You can adjust the dividers to make it work to your needs.

The upper pouch has this plastic strip inside to help support its shape and stay open properly, a nice little detail I noticed.

Hmmm M for Mirai?

The top pouch is great but for me I prefer to store only flat items like handkerchief, Air stand, tooth brush for hair, and my memory cards. Things like that but this is just my set up.


Here is a look at what I would take for a day of shooting depending on what Im working on I would not take the extra lens and battery grip. I do not own a mirror less camera so you guys probably have it much easier than I, so my camera barely fits so I can just try and make adjustments to the bag but I like it how its layered out. Only time will tell how I need it.

For the back zipper pockets I may put my cell phone/wallet, batteries for my hearing aid on one side and on the other my business cards and lens cloth. I also may carry some sort of small note pad and pen if I need to just write down some thoughts.

Lower back pocket

I decided to show you guys how deep the pockets actually are I was surprised how spacious the lower back pocket is being about 17cm deep.

Upper back your right shoulder pocket

The upper back pockets are the same in depth, about 8cm I have an iphone7 plus and it fits perfectly. The next time I consider getting a new phone I think I will stick to the smaller model as having a big phone has be uncomfortable for me to carry around. ^^

Upper back your left shoulder pocket

When you take out things from the back pockets it can help if you put it sideways when you can to prevent you from accidentally dropping something and not noticing. It’s especially helpful when taking out your laptop, pulling it out upright can be a bit difficult, at least from my experience.

So this thing has a lot of pockets in the back and there is still soft padding and a big pocket for a laptop/tablet, its amazing how this part of Mirai Carry was designed. The Laptop pocket is basically a stand alone lap top sleeve sewn into the backpack! I currently use a 15” MacBook Pro with a hard shell case and it fits perfectly with still a bit of room left.

When putting the bag down I noticed the weight of the camera body and lens starts to deform at the bottom so I need to be careful when Mirai is in there as it might be crushing her legs but smart doll is tough so as long as I place it down gently everything will be ok. Again not a bag issue its just not made for high end camera bodies imagine trying to fit a D5 or a 1D mkll? Mirrorless is the the now/future. Let me know if you still use a DSLR and what system? I hope to go mirrorless eventually.


Mirai Carry out n about, this bag looks so good. My sister joined us today so that she can model the bag so that I may focus on taking photos. Today we visited our local park/creek its a nice little hidden area and great to just take a walk. Remember walk on it not sleep on it walking really helps clear the mind and sort out whatever it is thats on your mind. ^^

I really love how the top strap fits around almost the hole bag so it has a nice area of reach so that you can just grab it one handed and move on.

Mirai Carry can double as a seat for your girls and boys. ^^

Enjoying some warm glows with Mirai. <3

I created a lighter load-out for demonstration purposes since I needed my primary camera for photos. While doing this I noticed if you have a DX cropped camera then it will fit great in Mirai Carry with extra room to fit another lens and other items that you need.

I feel that depending on your build it may make it difficult to take out (insert Smart Doll name here) one handed you just need to figure out what is the best position and adjustments for the bag to fit your style. Remember make the bag work around how you need it. For me I noticed once I take Mirai out her hair may be a bit messy so do be aware you might have to fix your girls/boys hair before you take the shot.

So far Mirai Carry has been a great bag for me it just works and dose what its supposed to do, protect and transport your Smart Doll. I tried my best sharing what my experiences were and I hope they can give you some idea and a direction if you are interested in getting this bag. Please feel free to ask me any questions about Mirai Carry, its hard to cover everything because we will all use our bags differently. Please check out the product page for other information and a list of alternate bags that are cheaper but not specifically built for Smart Doll. You can also enter your email so that you can be notified once stock is back. Have a beautiful day everyone and happy Smart Doll photography. :)