Smart Doll Harmony / by Frankie Concha

Today I welcome Smart Doll Harmony she is extreamly cute and my fourth Smart Doll! Harmony really stands for something truly special, like Danny Choo said Diversity for All. I am truly happy to be able to support this amazing step Danny has taken. This is my first blog post so lets see how it go's. ^^ I wanna include some info about care and cautions that I think will help others that get this special girl, dosent hurt to know so feel free to apply what you find useful!


Danny was kind enough to post an About this Product for Harmony with useful information and warnings about purchasing her, check here


Mint chocolate anyone? Harmony sporting the Lace Sports Set  ^^

All soft vinyl dolls are prone to scratches and because of harmony's skin tone they stand out a lot more. You just have to be careful when handling her like you would with any doll or item you care about. To start with you want to be carful with sharp things like your nails this also promotes good manicure care. lol


The comb or tooth brush you use for your dolls hair. When combing Harmony's hair I did notice I would hit her arms/back/thighs and basically where her hair ends with the brush THIS CAN CAUSE SCRATCHING TO THE SKIN so do be carful when brushing. Now you need to be extra careful when brushing around the face I believe any hairs of the tooth brush with scratch no matter how soft your brush is, don't risk it. Since the hair meets up to the wig cap you will be ver close to her face so again just be carful and aware ^.^


Next I wanna talk about apparel, so far from my experience, the jeans. The button on the jeans can mark up Harmony's belly. If you are adjusting the jeans with the button on it may even scratch from moving them side to side. Leaving them on for a wile it leaves a ring shape on the belly from the jeans button pressing against the skin. After leaving the jeans off for a while the skin can kinda go back to normal but the ring may still be there. Also the oils of your hands and sweaty palms you just have to gently wipe it off or make sure it evaporates before you take any photos. All in all it depends how picky you are about these things. I try to be careful with all my dolls but these little things do not bother me. ^.^ 


You can go for high rise items that reach just above the button like the sports bra set or the stain prevention items from the Smart Doll Shop 


When you purchase Harmony she comes with a Melamine sponge, kinda like a Mr. Clean sponge, to help with scratches that end up on Harmony. From what it seems its a power sponge so please do not rub really hard with it, especially on the face because you will take off her makeup! No matter where the damage is I suggest you use it very gently.


Over all these are things I have thought about and experianced they basically apply to all soft vinyl dolls it just stands out more with Cocoa skin tone. Just be carful with anything sharp, pointy and with rough surfaces/materials. Unless you are someone that wants perfection do not be afraid to get her she is extremely lovely and photographs really well, just keep an eye out on my Smart Doll Photos with plenty more to come ^^