Society6 Print Store Open by Frankie Concha

Hey everyone been doing some quick updating around the site today including my Angel Philia portfolio if you are also a fan of them, will keep editing that as time gos on. It may be NSFW so just know what you are getting your self into.

I have been away and I am sorry but been needing to focus on things going on in my life and just doing things one at a time. My photography is still going so it’s the least I can do and just keep sharing photos.

So I have been wanting to make prints available for those that are interested and that like to collect art from other artist. I can’t manage my own printing right now so I am relying on external sources, so I decided to try Society6. I wanted to share with you some sample prints I have made. This store has been active for a long time now but now Im actually announcing it. ^^

So making these prints did show me how fancy the paper (Gallery quality Giclée print) they use is, just know that they do have a texture and its noticeable with my Smart Doll photos. My street/nature photography is noticeable as well but depending on my editing its not super noticeable. This is not an issue just depends on your personal preference. I will provide some close ups down below.


Next up sizing, I don’t have control over sizing options but there is a good selection. My favorite are 8x10(7x10) and 12x18(13x19) some of my prints are 13x18 and I don’t understand why some are like that. My print of Journey is 13x18 and she came out great!


Overall I am happy with the prints, they look great and is a great option to offer you guys. They offer all kinda of materials you can print on, I made a few tote bags but I have not had them made so Im not sure how they look. If there are any specific prints you want and are not available on the store feel free to let me know and I can try to upload them for you. Welcome to my Society6 store! You can also access the link at the top right corner of my site, right next to my instagram social icon.